Description ReflectASeal-SCP-UV is a VOC compliant UV stable top coat, high in chemical and abrasion resistance for a variety of substrates. ReflectASeal-SCP-UV has been designed to function as a high performance, one component moisture cure urethane UV top coat system, designed for use on steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, galvanized metal, wood and concrete leaving a bubble-free coating. Working time is adjustable by selective addition of catalyst. It also exhibits a low sensitivity to substrate moisture, when applied to damp surfaces.

Application Areas:
ReflectASeal-SCP-UV is an excellent coating choice for industrial high traffic aisle ways or work cells and warehousing sealer.
ReflectASeal-SCP-UV can also be used as an interior coating for wood flooring or furniture. Also used for roofing, decking, truck bed liners, pipeline, and tank coatings.

cColors available: 
Standard colors are black, gray, tan, blue, red, green, and white.

Non-skid applications
For non-skid application various products can be added for both roll on or spray applied versions. To spray apply with the non –skid additive, please call for proper application equipment needed.

Storage Stability One year in unopened original containers at 40-90º F. Normally, containers should be used within one week after opening unless resealed with nitrogen blanket.


-VOC exempt
-Penetrates and seals leaving a smooth, pinhole and bubble-free coating
-Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates when using the ReflectASeal-505 primer first
-Good physical properties
-Outstanding stability at low temperatures

General Informations: 
Mix ratio Single component
Solids by volume 100%
VOC -0-
Coverage 1600sq ft per gallon @ 1 mil DFT

Product Code Container size Product quantity

REFLECTASEAL-SCP-UV-1-1 1 Gallon 1 gallon

REFLECTASEAL-SCP-UV-1-5 5 Gallon pail 5 gallons

REFLECTASEAL-SCP-UV-1-55 55 Gallon drum 55 gallons

Surface Preparation:
1. Previously painted surfaces: Solvent clean to remove all oils, grease and wax. Remove all rust and damaged paint. Feather edge the repair areas. Fill and putty as required. Sand all areas to be painted with 120-180 grit wet or dry sandpaper. Prime with ReflectASeal-505.

2. Stainless steel: Solvent wipe, scuff sand or abrasive blast. Prime with ReflectASeal-505.

3. Steel: Remove all rust, mill scale, and foreign matter. Solvent wipe to remove all oils and grease. Sand blasting is best –if possible. Prime with ReflectASeal-505 .

4. Aluminum: Solvent clean to remove all oil and grease. Sand surfaces with 120-180 grit sandpaper. Prime with ReflectASeal-505 .

5. Concrete: Laitance, curing compounds, concrete contaminants must be removed. Shot-blast or acid etch areas to be coated.

Stir contents of container prior to application.

*Product does not require catalyzation.

Application Instructions:


1. Apply coating as uniformly as possible with a ¼” nap roller.

2. Avoid excessive back rolling and cross rolling, this will lessen the chance of bubbling.

3. Spray apply as you would high quality paint.

-Do not apply this product when temperatures are above 80°F or above 50% humidity, unless testing is done first to see if there is any reaction to the higher temperature or humidity.

-This product is recommended for immersion service with a 7-10 day cure time @ 70°F.

*Pot Life:
Temperature 70° F 100°F
Using accelerator Dry to touch 1-2 hours 1 hour
Using accelerator Dry to handle 3-4 hours 2 hours
Using accelerator Full cure 4 days
Without accelerator two times longer cure time of the above times.
Re-coat without scuff 4 hours

Typical Physical Properties Units Results
Color Clear
ensile strength psi 4500
Elongation pli 46%
Tear strength pli 440
Polyurea topcoat adhesion psi >590
Typical film thickness mils 5-15
Minimum re-coat time Hours 4
Isocyanate equivalent weight 350
NCO content, % 12.0
Viscosity at 77° F (25°C) 425
Specific gravity at 77°F (25°C) 1 .16
Flash Point (Cleveland open cup) >110 />230
Vapor pressure at 77°F (25°C) (mm) >10-5
Functionality 2.40
Recommend storage temperature 60-100°F (16-38°C)
Shelf life 12 months
Viscosity “B” side 700-800 cps @ 23C
Coverage 1600 sq ft/gallon/mil
Solids by weight 100%
Abrasion resistance ASTM D-4060 20 mg max weight loss
Impact resistance ASTM D-2794 160″ lb direct; 160/5/0 in lb direct

Handling and storage
The reaction of isocyanates with water leads to the formation of insoluble ureas and carbon dioxide gas which gas which can result in pressure buildup inside closed containers. Therefore, extreme care must be taken to ensure containers used for ReflectASeal-SCP-UV remain dry. Containers that have become contaminated with moisture should not be subsequently sealed; otherwise a hazardous increase in pressure may result. Freshly manufactured ReflectASeal-SCP-UV is a clear liquid. Sedimentation is usually due to contamination from atmospheric moisture or to dimer formation. Reaction from atmospheric moisture can be prevented by storing ReflectASeal-SCP-UV in carefully sealed containers or under a dry nitrogen atmosphere during handling ReflectASeal-SCP-UV must be carefully resealed after each sampling. A small amount of finely divided insoluble solid in the product does not usually cause difficulties in handling or product performance. However, if necessary, the liquid product may be filtered through a suitable inline filter. It is suggested that the filter vessel be of stainless steel with a suitable polypropylene filter bag. The lines should be heated and blown clear with nitrogen after use.

The technical data and other printed information furnished by ReflectASeal, LLC are true and accurate to the best of hardeners surface and other our knowledge. ReflectASeal, LLC conforms to in house quality control procedures and is reliable and is offered solely for evaluation. The use of this product is beyond the control of the seller; therefore, the buyer assumes all risks of use and handling whether done in a matter that is in accordance with the provided posted directions or not. ReflectASeal, LLC makes no warranty, expressed or implied of its products and shall not be liable for indirect or consequential damage in any event. 3/7/11

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