ReflectASeal 505 Concrete Primer

REFLECTASEAL-505 is a polyamide epoxy primer designed to penetrate and seal concrete surfaces, leaving a smooth, pinhole and bubble free surface. The formulation includes a long pot life as well as a low sensitivity to substrate moisture, allowing it the ability to bond when applied to a damp surface.

REFLECTASEAL-505 has excellent resistance to various solvents, hydrocarbons, acids and alkalis, particularly food acids.

To begin, the surface should be etched to provide a profile or “tooth” for optimal adhesion.  Surfaces must be cleaned free of grease, oil, wax, mastic compounds, paint, waterproofing compounds, form release materials, and all other contaminants prior to application.

New concrete and masonry should not be coated for at least 28 days to permit the concrete or mortar to cure and dry out.  Concrete should be visually inspected and tested for moisture content before coating.

REFLECTASEAL-505 will not develop optimum adhesion to concrete unless Latinate and other loosely bound materials are first removed from the surface.  Latent must be removed by abrading.  Shot blasting, scarifying, grinding, sand-blasting or other abrasive mechanical means are recommended.  Acid etching is an option but not recommended because of environmental concerns or accidental damage to non-target areas.

For aged concrete, remove old coatings and/or other materials previously applied.  Abrasive or mechanical means are recommended.  Infiltration of oil, grease, gas, etc. into the concrete will retard adhesion.  Contaminated concrete must be sufficiently removed or thoroughly cleaned with a cleaning agent appropriate for the removal of petroleum-based products.  After the surface cleansing, continue on with directions for the new concrete application.

The preparation procedures above are general guidelines. Detailed preparation methods are available through SSPC at or NACE at

The mixing of parts A & B is very important!
  REFLECTASEAL-505 has a mixing ratio of 3 parts “B” to 1 part “A”.  Use a power mixer to thoroughly combine both parts. Mix for a minimum of one minute per gallon. Allow idle activation time for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Brush, 3/8” nap roller cover, squeegee, or airless spray equipment may be used to apply REFLECTASEAL-505.  Surface configuration, weather, or area surroundings will dictate application method.



DRY FILM APPLICATIONS To get dry film of:Apply Sq. Ft. /gal4 mils300 sq ft8 mils150 sq ft12 mils100 sq ftDO NOT apply product heavier than 100-sq. ft. per gallon per coat.  For a heavier dry film, apply necessary number of coats.  Use of thinner increases possibility of sag and reduces dry film thickness.  REFLECTASEAL-505 may be applied to damp surfaces but it is best to have a dry surface if possible. Allow REFLECTASEAL-505 to become tack-free before applying additional coats or approximately 6 hrs.  Caution!  Without the use of aggregate in REFLECTASEAL-505, the surface will be slippery when wet!

REFLECTASEAL-505 should be applied in well-ventilated areas.  Surfaces should be free of foreign matter. DO NOT apply product near an open flame

Clean Up:
Application equipment should be cleaned immediately with Lacquer Thinner.  Use Apple Cider Vinegar to clean hands and skin.  Do not allow REFLECTASEAL-200 series to remain on tools!  Once it sets and is cured, it is difficult to remove.

Curing Time:

Curing Time:
Pot Life: 3 hrs @ 80ºF
Drying Time: 6 hrs @ 80ºF
Total Cure: 36 hrs @ 80ºF

1-gallon units:

1 gal. can containing 3 qts. of Base  (part “B”)
1 qt. can full, containing Activator   (part “A”)

4-gallon units:

5 gal.  pail containing 3 gal. of Base (part “B”)
1 gal. can full containing Activator   (part “A”)


Also available in 20 gallon kits.Color:   Gray

Solids Content:     78% Solids

Mixing Ratio:       3 parts B to 1 Part A (3:1)

Adhesion-Pull-Off (D4541):  Concrete: 100 % substrate failure @ 1344 psi

 Impact Resistance (D2794):  48 inch lbs. direct – passed

Pencil Hardness (D3363):  6H – passed

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MSDS are available for health and safety data.

For emergency information contact:

CHEMTREC @ 1-800-424-9300



This product (and any recommended thinner) contains solvents and/or chemical ingredients.  Adequate health and safety precautions should be observed during storage, handling, use, and drying periods.  For safe usage, user is specifically directed to consult the current Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.  When using this product in a confined space or closed area, consult the OSHA or ANSI bulletins on safety requirements.

The information as set forth in the technical data contained herein has been developed based on test and evaluations made by ReflectASeal, LLC. for standard coating applications. We believe this information is the best currently available on the subject. We make no guarantee of results and assume no obligation or liability in connection with this information. It is offered as possible helpful suggestion, any experimentation you may care to undertake along these lines, is at your own risk. You should test the coating material to determine if it is suitable for the application intended. It is supplied on the condition that you shall make your own tests to determine its suitability.  REFLECTASEAL shall have no liability for incidental or consequential damages, indirect or direct.  Our liability is limited to the net selling price of the purchased product(s) or the replacement of our product, at our option.