ReflectASeal 2CLR

Two component, batch mix polyaspartic coating
Long pot life
Moderate tack free time
Good hydrolytic stability up to 160º F
Excellent water resistance
Good resistance to acids and hydrocarbon solvents
Excellent resistance to oxygenated solvents, chlorinated solvents and inorganic bases. See chemical resistant sheet
UV Stable/non-yellowing (clear or tinted, any color)
No VOC’s/no odor
Will not crack or break at any temperature

Primary Application:
Exterior/Interior Protective coating for marine application
Intended for use as a clear or colorfast wearing and waterproofing membrane for pedestrian decks, boat decks and docks.
May be used directly over the ReflectASeal-2CLR for non-skid surface on concrete.
Produces added luster and clean ability
Can be used on concrete and wood surface to preserve surface from salt degradation.



Storage Stability
One year in unopened original containers at 40-90º F. Normally, containers should be used within one week after opening unless resealed with nitrogen blanket.

Coverage: Apply at a rate of 1 gallon per 1600 square feet @ 1 mil.

When using granules to provide a higher friction surface, a two coat process can be used. Concrete; apply for non-skid surface over the ReflectASeal-505 and granules; broadcast additional grit, then top coat if desired. Prime metal and wood, fiberglass and concrete with ReflectASeal-505 @ 5-10 mil thickness coverage rate @320-160 S.F. per gallon of primer.

Typical Physical Properties
Tensile Strength< ASTM D-412 6000
Hardness (shore D) ASTM D-2240 75±3
Density B side (dependent on color) 8.7 lbs/gallon
Density A side 9.1 lbs/gallon
Flash point above 120º F
Viscosity A side 1000 cps @ 23C
Viscosity B side 700-800 cps @ 23C
UV Stable South Florida Sun 10+years/no effects
Solids by weight 100%
Solids by volume 100%
Abrasion Resistant ASTM-4060-30mg loss
Glass water permeability ASTM D-523 60º/90+
Ultimate Elongation ASTM D-412 100±25%
Tear Resistance (DIE C) ASTM D-624 225±35pli
Typical Physical Properties Units
Color Clear
ensile strength psi
Elongation pli
Tear strength pli
Polyurea topcoat adhesion psi
Typical film thickness mils
Minimum re-coat time Hours
Isocyanate equivalent weight 350
NCO content, % 12.0
Viscosity at 77° F (25°C) 425
Specific gravity at 77°F (25°C) 1 .16
Flash Point (Cleveland open cup) >110 />230
Vapor pressure at 77°F (25°C) (mm) >10-5
Functionality 2.40
Recommend storage temperature 60-100°F (16-38°C)
Shelf life 12 months
Viscosity “B” side 700-800 cps @ 23C
Coverage 1600 sq ft/gallon/mil
Solids by weight 100%
Abrasion resistance ASTM D-4060
Impact resistance ASTM D-2794

Dry Film Thickness
Exclusive of aggregate @ 1 gal/100 Sq.Ft. 11±2 mils,
279±50 microns.

Mix Ratio 4 parts of A to 6 parts of B or 1 part A to
1.5 parts B by volume.

Best results are obtained by pouring the part A into the mixing container first, and then
mix Polyol into the Part A.

Pot life and cure time
Pot life of one gallon quantity is 60 min at 70º F.
Higher temps and large quantities will shorten pot life and lower temps and smaller quantities will lengthen pot life. When applied at ½ gallon per sq ft, ReflectASeal-2CLR will be ready for recoat
in 1 hour at 70º F. Allow 3-4 hours after final coat before permitting foot traffic

Can be applied by notched trowel, medium nap roller, squeegee, brush, or spray applied.

The technical data and any other printed information furnished by ReflectASeal, LLC are true and accurate to the best of our knowledge. ReflectASeal-2CLR conforms to in house quality control procedures and should be considered free of defects. The data provided is believed to be reliable and is offered solely for evaluation. The use of this product is beyond the control of the seller therefore the buyer assumes all risks of use and handling whether done in a matter that is in accordance with the provided posted directions or not. ReflectASeal, LLC makes no warranty; expressed or implied, of its products and shall not be liable for indirect or consequential damage in any event by applicators not certified.