ReflectASeal 100 Flexible Waterproof Coating

REFLECTASEAL-100 Flexible Waterproof Coating is a flexible two-part epoxy designed to protect a variety of surfaces including rubber, concrete, foam, plywood, metal and petroleum-based surfaces. It is especially suited to applications where surface movement may defeat the protection of a rigid coating.

Application Areas:
REFLECTASEAL-100 is excellent for waterproofing EPDM, TPO, PVC, built-up, single ply, polyurethane foam, concrete, and metal roofs. The flexibility retained by REFLECTASEAL-100 allows for surface movement caused by thermal shock to most structures.

Advantages & Benefits

• Provides a secure barrier to water penetration.
• Adheres even to damp surfaces without priming.
• Stays flexible through years of harsh service.
• Withstands attacks Flexible Waterproof Coatingom most chemicals,
traffic, and severe environments.
• Retains flexibility in sub zero conditions.
• Surface will not exceed 10ºF above ambient temperature
• Withstands ponding water.
• Rain will not destroy coating during application.
• Sustainable roofing system that saves expensive
removal and disposal cost.
• High Albedo reduces heat and lowers energy cost.
• 100% adhesion of product to substrate
• 10 yr. extendable warranty available for roofs
• Dade County Approved (ASTM-D6083) NOA No.: 10-1208.04
• Dade County Approved (TAS 114-D) NOA No.: 12-0919.01

Surfaces must be cleaned Flexible Waterproof Coatingee of grease, oil, films, dust, or any other contaminants. Most roof surfaces should be pressure washed to remove any barrier films. Metal must be Flexible Waterproof Coatingee of mill scale, oils, rust, etc. Hard-finished concrete should be etched to provide profile or “tooth” for optimal adhesion. These preparation procedures are general guidelines. Consult REFLECTASEAL technicians for further details or special preparation procedures. Roofing specifications are also available for various substrates. The preparation procedures above are general guidelines. Detailed preparation methods are available through SSPC at or 412-281-2331 or NACE at or 281-228-6200.

The mixing of parts A & B is very important! REFLECTASEAL-100 has a mixing ratio of 4 parts “B” to 1 part “A”. Use a power mixer to thoroughly combine both parts. Mix for at least 1 minute per gallon. Allow idle activation time for at least 10 minutes. Xylene should only be added after idol activation process is complete. For spray application only.


REFLECTASEAL-100 can be applied by air-less spray equipment, brush, or roller at approximately 100-sq. ft. per gallon. A two-coat application is recommended to help insure complete protection. Surfaces subject to significant movement or other difficult conditions may require heavier applications and the use of Poly-lace. All penetrations or transitions of surface materials should be covered with RS-45 Poly-laced fabric. Surface configuration, weather, or area surroundings may require an alternate application method.

Dry Film Application Rate:
To yield dry film of Apply Sq. Ft/gallon
13 mils: 100 Sq. Ft.
6.5 mils: 200 Sq. Ft.

DO NOT apply heavier than 16 wet mils per coat. If more is needed, apply in multiple coats. Allow REFLECTASEAL-100 to become tack-Flexible Waterproof Coatingee before applying additional coats or approximately 6 hrs at 80ºF.

Fabric Application for Roof Recovery:
Apply REFLECTASEAL Flexible Roof Coating to base at a rate of 100 sq. ft. per gallon. Imbed the RS-45 poly-laced directly into the wet coating, using a 1/8 nap roller to firmly imbed the fabric. Care should be taken to insure no bubbles or wrinkles occur in the fabric. Overlaps of adjacent runs of fabric must be 4 inches to allow to dry until the fabric is firmly adhered to substrate (about 4 hrs at 80F). Follow with a final coat of REFLECTASEAL Flexible Roof Coating at a rate of 100 sq. ft. per gallon to fully saturate the fabric Flexible Waterproof Coatingom above.

Thinning: For Air-less spray application only.

If thinning is necessary, thin no more than 1 quart of Xylene per 5 gallons of epoxy. Xylene should only be added after idol activation process is complete. Thinning retards cure time and, increases possibility of bleed through.

REFLECTASEAL-100 should be applied in well-ventilated areas. Surfaces should be Flexible Waterproof Coatingee of foreign matter. DO NOT apply near open flame.


Clean Up:
Application equipment should be cleaned immediately with Xylene. Use Apple Cider Vinegar to clean hands and skin. Do not allow coating to remain on tools! Once it sets and is cured, it is difficult to remove.


Flammable during application. Will not support combustion when cured.
Packaging:1-gallon units: 14.5 lbs/gal

1 gal. can ¾ full, containing Base (part “B”)
1 qt. can full, containing Activator (part “A”)

5-gallon units: 57.5 lbs/gal

6-gal. pail containing 4 gallons of Base (part “B”)
1-gal. can full containing Activator (part “A”)

Color: REFLECTASEAL Standard Colors (White, Tan and Grey)

Solids Content:
 85% Solids

Mixing Ratio: 4 Parts “B” to 1 part “A” (4:1)

Salt-Fog Testing (ASTM B-117): 500 hrs.- pass

Permeance (ASTM D-1653): 6.8

Water Swelling (ASTM – D471): 6.6

Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638):
 1393 psi 210% elongation

Adhesion: 210 lbs./sq. in.

Steel: 100% adhesion failure @ 2035 psi

Tear Resistance (ASTM D-624): 118 lb/in

Fungi Resistance (ASTM G-21) : 0 (Pass)

Fire rating( ASTM E-108):
 Class “ A “ fire rating

Low Temperature Flex -15° F (ASTM D-522):

1000 hr. accelerated weathering (ASTM D-498): Pass (No cracking or Checking)

Controlled Impact (21/2 inch simulated hail): No Rupture

Solar Reflectance (ASTM C 1549): 0.87

Emittance (ASTM C 1371-04a): 

Solar Reflectance Index (ASTM E 1980): 110

Curing Time:
Pot Life- 4hrs @ 80°F
Drying Time- 12hrs @ 80°F
Complete – 7days @ 80°F

For further assistance, contact one of our technicians via phone or e-mail.

For emergency information contact:
CHEMTREC @ 1-800-424-9300

This product (and any recommended thinners) contains solvents and/or chemical ingredients. Adequate health and safety precautions should be observed during storage, handling, use, and drying periods. For safe usage, user is specifically directed to consult the current Material Safety Data Sheet for this product. When using this product in a confined space or closed area, consult the OSHA or ANSI bulletins on safety requirements.

The information as set forth in the technical data contained herein has been developed based on test and evaluations made by REFLECTASEAL, LLC. for standard coating applications. We believe this information is the best currently available on the subject. It is offered as possible helpful suggestion, any experimentation you may care to undertake along these lines, is at your own risk. Application guidelines must be followed to receive warranty.

REFLECTASEAL shall have no liability for incidental or consequential damages, indirect or direct. Our liability is limited to the net selling price of the purchased product(s) or the replacement of our product, at our option.


REFLECTASEAL-100Flexible Waterproof Coating APPLICATIONS:REFLECTASEAL Approved Surfaces for Application:

• Metal surfaces
• Polyurethane Foam
• Smooth BUR
• Modified Bitumen Smooth
• Modified Bitumen Granulated
• Build-up roof after removal of gravel
• Concrete
• Plywood
• Concrete Deck

NOTE: If full fabric is required it will be necessary to use more product at rate of 1 gallon per sq. except where already specified.

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