ReflectASeal Products by category

REFLECTASEAL(TM) brings you solutions for all of your waterproofing and restoration problems, whether roofs, floors or industrial applications. Our innovative epoxy formulations form lasting, seamless, waterproofing membranes that are resistant to abrasion in various degrees, and impervious to an array of corrosive substances.


Roof Coatings

ReflectASeal Roof Coatings and Roof Systems are designed to be of the highest quality and best protection against weathering, abrasion and offer superior adhesion to substrates. This product remains flexible through years of harsh conditions and attacks from most chemicals, traffic and severe environments.


Floor Coatings

ReflectASeal Floor Coatings offer a variety of solutions for most of todays extreme situations;
whether in pools, decks, traffic decks, balconies, underground pipes and much more. We can formulate products to meet and exceed your constant everyday challenges .



Refleactaseal products offer a variety of solutions for most of todays extreme situations:
weather in pools, decks, traffic decks, balconies, underground pipes, and constant everyday new challenges. Our products meet and exceed all situations.



ReflectASeal Primers are manufactured to perform as a bonding agent and foundation to our high performance specialty products. Our primers are engineered to be applied even to damp surfaces.


Cauking Compound

Reflectaseal caulking is formulated for a wide range of specialty applications. It is easy to apply, offer flexibility and resist chemical and environmental challenges. It will not crack and is formulated to last indefinitely.