ReflectASeal 300

REFLECTASEAL-300 is a polyamide, two-component epoxy base sealant. This compound chemically cures into an elastic and flexible body which will not dry out or harden after curing (caulking compound). It does not oxidize or absorb moisture.
Application Areas:
REFLECTASEAL-300 is an interior or exterior water tight joint sealant for curtain walls, prefab panels, roofs, flashing, coping, and air ducts. It can also be used between similar and dissimilar materials, vertical, and/or horizontal joint work. REFLECTASEAL-300 can also be applied on to wet surfaces and if necessary can cure underwater.

ReflactASeal SCPR

ReflectASeal-SCPR is a VOC compliant primer, high in chemical and abrasion resistance for a variety of substrates. ReflectASeal-SCPR has been designed to function as a high performance, one component, and moisture cure urethane primer system, designed for use on steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, galvanized metal, wood and concrete. Its low viscosity allows it to penetrate into porous surfaces, leaving a bubble-free coating. Working time is adjustable by selective addition of catalyst. It also exhibits a low sensitivity to substrate moisture, leaving only minimal bubbling when applied to damp surfaces.

ReflectASeal 550

REFLECTASEAL-550 is a high-solids polyamide-epoxy resin. The formulation includes a long pot life as well as flexible properties, which allows it to withstand extreme abrasive conditions and a high tolerance to impact resistance. REFLECTASEAL-550 is a metal primer developed specifically as a rust inhibitor for metal roof applications.