We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality and most unique product s in the industry. Whether you are looking for water proofing products, roofing systems or polyurea coatings; chances are we have or can formulate a product to satisfy your specific needs.
Our epoxy coatings are among the only products in the coating industry to offer products that offer up to 300% elongation; which is the most beneficial  tensile strength when being applied as a roofing system or in areas with surface movement.
Our polyurea  polyaspartics are unique because they are among the only products to be offered in dual and single components, 100% solid, no VOC and eco-save formulation.
ReflectASeal products offer superior chemical and corrosive resistance in the most challenging industrial areas such as restaurants. ReflectASeal can be applied to a variety of surfaces including concrete, flooring, terrazzo, cinder block, brick, stone, glass, wood, metal, asphalt, pipes, holding tanks, potable water treatment tanks, underground piping, parking garages and traffic decks.
ReflectASeal’s mission is simple. We are determined to resolve the most persistent waterproofing and coating problems, once and for all!
We are committed to providing industry professionals with products that are not only the best in the market, but also eco-friendly, long lasting and worry free years after the job has been completed.