Description ReflectASeal-SCP-UV is a VOC compliant UV stable top coat, high in chemical and abrasion resistance for a variety of substrates. ReflectASeal-SCP-UV has been designed to function as a high performance, one component moisture cure urethane UV top coat system, designed for use on steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, galvanized metal, wood and concrete leaving a bubble-free coating. Working time is adjustable by selective addition of catalyst. It also exhibits a low sensitivity to substrate moisture, when applied to damp surfaces.

ReflectASeal 2CLR

Two component, batch mix polyaspartic coating
Long pot life
Moderate tack free time
Good hydrolytic stability up to 160º F
Excellent water resistance
Good resistance to acids and hydrocarbon solvents
Excellent resistance to oxygenated solvents, chlorinated solvents and inorganic bases. See chemical resistant sheet
UV Stable/non-yellowing (clear or tinted, any color)
No VOC’s/no odor
Will not crack or break at any temperature.

ReflectASeal 200

REFLECTASEAL-200 is a high-solids polyamide-epoxy resin. The formulation includes a long pot life as well as flexible properties, which allows it to withstand extreme abrasive conditions. REFLECTASEAL-200 is a decorative and protective epoxy coating especially developed to protect and seal concrete floors. REFLECTASEAL-200 is best suited for, but not limited to, horizontal surfaces.

ReflectASeal 100 Flexible Roof Coating

(100% Silicone Roof Coating)
For Professional Use Only
Product Type: A ready-to use, high solids, single component, moisture cure fluid applied silicone coating.
General Properties: Breathable membrane possessing superior weathering and water resistance characteristics.
Recommended Uses: Provides elemental protection for architectural surfaces such as vertical walls, masonry, concrete, metal, single ply roof membranes and sprayed-in-place urethane foam systems.

ReflectASeal-100 Flexible Epoxy Coating

REFLECTASEAL-135 is an 82 % solids polyamide epoxy resin formulated for continuous submersion in freshwater. This products excellent flexibility and outdoor durability make it ideally suited for all types metal surfaces and retention ponds.
Application Areas:
REFLECTASEAL-135 is a self priming protective epoxy coating designed for adhering to almost any clean surface including, metals of all types, concrete, masonry, plaster, and asphalt. REFLECTASEAL-135 is used in commercial and industrial surroundings were chemical resistance is required.

ReflectASeal 100 Flexible Roof Coating

REFLECTASEAL-100 FR is a flexible two-part epoxy designed to protect a variety of surfaces including rubber, concrete, foam, plywood, metal and petroleum-based surfaces. It is especially suited to applications where surface movement may defeat the protection of a rigid coating.
Application Areas:
REFLECTASEAL-100 is excellent for waterproofing EPDM, TPO, PVC, built-up, single ply, polyurethane foam, concrete, and metal roofs. The flexibility retained by REFLECTASEAL-100 allows for surface movement caused by thermal shock to most structures.

ReflectASeal 300

REFLECTASEAL-300 is a polyamide, two-component epoxy base sealant. This compound chemically cures into an elastic and flexible body which will not dry out or harden after curing (caulking compound). It does not oxidize or absorb moisture.